Privacy policy

Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy of SELO. This policy applies to all information processed by SELO about visitors to its website ( and (potential) customers. SELO attaches great importance to the protection of privacy and handles the data it collects carefully. In this policy we explain what personal data we collect from website visitors and (potential) customers, how we collect that personal data and for how long personal data is retained. We also outline your rights in relation to the personal data we collect from you.


1. What personal data do we process and why do we process that data?

• (Potential) customers
The processing of (potential) customers’ data is necessary for us, for example to fulfil orders, to answer questions from (potential) customers about our products and to carry out repair requests. In order to fulfil a contract with a customer, we process contact details, company name, payment details, invoice details, products ordered and operational data. Without this data it may not be possible for us to fulfil a contract entered into with you or your company.

We also process potential customers’ contact details, company name, position, telephone number, email address, interests and personal data which may have been included in a question or message sent to us. We process this personal data on the grounds of our legitimate interest. Namely, we require this data for our proper, normal business operations.

• Account
You can create an account on our website, so that you can log in to your personal page. To do so, we process your name, email address and password. We process this personal data on the basis of our legitimate interest: we need this data in relation to the access security of our website.

• Newsletter registration
We need your email address in order to be able to send our newsletter. We may use your email address to send our newsletter, if you provide us with your consent to do so.

• Contact form
Using the contact form, you can ask us questions, submit complaints and request additional information about our products and services. In doing so, we collect your name and email address. It may also be the case that you enter your own personal data in the message that you send us. We collect this personal data on the basis of our legitimate interest. Naturally, without this data, we cannot (properly) answer your question. You can also enter additional data (without obligation): your company name and information about the products and/or services which interest you. We process this data on the basis of your consent.

Consent withdrawal
If we base the processing of your personal data on your consent, you can simply withdraw this consent at any time by sending an email to The withdrawal of your consent however is without prejudice to the legitimacy of the processing of your personal data prior to that withdrawal.


2. Security of your data

As mentioned, we attach great importance to the careful handling of personal data. That includes the careful protection of the data we collect. Within SELO, appropriate technical and organisational measures have been taken for the security of the personal data collected.


3. How long is personal data retained?

Our principle is that we do not retain your personal data for any longer than is necessary for the purpose for which that data was originally collected. For example, if you delete your account or unsubscribe from our newsletter, we will delete the data collected for that purpose. There may be exceptions to this principle, for example if a different retention period is stipulated on the grounds of legislation and regulations.


4. Transfer of personal data to third parties

n some cases, we must engage third parties to support us in carrying out certain works. The categories of third parties to whom we transfer personal data are:
• Hosting parties;


5. Your rights

You may exercise the following rights in relation to the personal data we process on you.

• Request inspection of the personal data we have collected from you.
• Request the correction of errors in personal data.
• Request the deletion of personal data.
• Restrict the processing of your personal data.
• Request that we forward your personal data to another organisation.

You may also appeal against our use of your personal data.

If you wish to exercise (one of) the above rights, you can contact us via the contact details at the bottom of this privacy statement. We may then request that you provide additional information, so that we can confirm your identity.


6. Complaint submission

If you are not satisfied with the way in which we handle your personal data, you may submit a complaint to the supervisory body at any time. In the Netherlands, this is the Personal Data Authority. You can find more information on how to submit a complaint at


7. Amendments

In the future, SELO may amend its policy relating to personal data. If this has any consequences for the way in which we handle your personal data, we will amend this Privacy Statement. The latest version of the Privacy Statement will continue to be published on SELO’s website. We advise you to visit this page from time to time.


8. Contact with SELO

Should you have any questions or complaints about the way in which we handle your personal data, do not hesitate to contact us:

7570AJ Oldenzaal
+31 (0)541 582 000